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My name is Jens and I teach Experts, Coaches and Business Owners like YOU how to build successful podcasts from start to finish.

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Meet Your Expert Coach

Hey, I am Jens

Podcast Coach & Producer, Tech Expert and founder of the Life Actually Podcast.

I created the Launch & Grow Your Expert Podcast program because I wanted to provide experts like you with a clear, step-by-step guide to launch your podcast, create a new channel to connect with your community and build your audience.

I have helped dozens of experts to take their podcast from idea to a professional sounding production without wasting money on unsuitable equipment or exorbitant time away from their actual business.

Why You should start an Expert Podcast?

Podcasting is THE Superior Marketing Medium

Whether you are an expert, personal brand or company, building an audience and getting your authentic message out, is key.
Podcasting is an untapped expert channel because of where it’s at in its popularity journey. There are only 2 million podcasts on Apple podcasts from which 60% only published one episode, that’s nothing compared to the number of blogs online today.

Starting a podcast in 2021 is like starting a blog in 2008.

Podcasting is an untapped marketing medium for your business.

There’s a level of connection that happens between the host and the listener that’s so much deeper and more authentic. This is the kind of connection people are looking for from brands and businesses today.

It’s the connection that will make people ultimately choose you and your services over others.

You can hire someone to write a blog post for you, but you can’t hire someone to speak on your behalf.

Podcasting provides you with a real opportunity to let your authenticity shine and build a loyal audience. You can communicate your why, intention, mission and values to your ideal audience.

The podcast industry is still authentic.

We live in a day and age where audiences have a wide choice. People no longer just choose a brand because it’s easily accessible. They want to understand your why, values and what causes you support.

You speak.

People listen.

Podcasting is personal.

Once the listener is invested, the life-long brand loyalty can begin.

The Future of Podcasts is BRIGHT

Forecasts suggest that the number of podcast listeners will surpass 160 Million by 2023.

An incredible 74% of podcast audience listen to podcasts to learn something new. There is a real opportunity for experts like you to grow your audience by sharing value and knowledge.

67% of podcast audiences are made up of people between 18 and 44 years old and there is a remarkable 50/50 split between male and female listeners, so you can tap into a uniquely diverse demographic.
Interestingly, Podcast listeners are statistically more affluent and earn a higher salary.

Podcasts fit flexibly into everybody’s daily schedules

Whilst commuters used to be the number one listener, with 90% of podcast consumers preferring to listen to a podcast at home the listener landscape has changed significantly to include more households, globally.

The average time spent on an Instagram post is 10 Seconds, The average view duration on a YouTube video is about half the length of the video itself with content creators having to think of more innovative ways to engage their viewers to compete with the enormous volume of video content available on all social media channels.

Podcasts are the untapped medium and most podcast consumers will listen to between 76% and 100% of all the podcasts downloaded to their devices, with an incredible average listening time of 30 minutes!

We live in a fast world and social media marketing has become a saturated medium.

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