Podcast Coach / Producer & Tech expert

Hey, I am Jens

I am a Podcast Coach / Producer & Tech Expert.

WHY did I become a Podcast Coach & Producer?

The truth is, at the beginning I felt lost.

When I started my own podcast from scratch, I spent countless hours to find and test the right equipment, methods, hardware and software.

Creating content didn’t always flow and I discovered many hurdles trying out all the different formats of podcasting.

I found myself losing confidence in the process and my podcast experienced a serious case of podfade.

Launch Your Expert Podcast Program

A successful podcast has to be teamed with not only the right tools and technology but with consistency, strategy and concept.

I created the Launch Your Expert Podcast program because I wanted to provide experts like you with a clear, step-by-step guide to launching and running your professional podcast.

Podcasting is an untapped channel to help drive conversion and grow your audience.

Why work with me?

Well, there are certainly other coaches and podcast programs out there and for me it is important that YOU feel comfortable with the coach and program you’re working with.

I start with

you in mind.

I want to fully understand your brand, business and budget so I can help you create and run your perfect podcast.

With an extensive background in IT and technology, I have managed to pave a path through the tech jungle to make your podcasting set-up a breeze.

Paired with my expertise in professional speaking, I am able to offer you full circle support and help you achieve your perfect sounding and on-brand podcast that is unique to you.

Find your strong voice with my podcast confidence workshop and learn how to create a tangible, long-lasting podcast routine to really utilise this ultimate social medium for your brand.

Now, you have the opportunity to join me and other business owners who are choosing to leverage their expertise audibly and through the power of a podcast.

let’s get started today!