Professional Podcast Production

You really want to start your own expert podcast but you are struggling with one major issue:


I feel you! Regardless at which point you are standing in your podcasting career, time for editing and post-production is often not available.

You want to focus on building and growing your business, you even have great stories to tell for your podcast and you have amazing guests you want to speak with. But knowing that is takes at least 3 times the amount of time in post-production for every recorded raw minute of your podcast is just daunting for you.

That's why I'm here to help!

Focus on creating your stories and building your business and let me take care of your podcast production.

With my deep passion for podcasting and creating amazing audible experiences, I'm offering you services that fit your needs.

You already have your podcast up and running and need someone to help you in producing and editing your episodes? Great!

3 different membership levels let you choose how deep you want to me integrate in producing your show

Level 1 - Starter*

Starter is all about optimising your sound. All podcasts should be published at a specific loudness to not let your listeners adjust their volume on a regular basis. I make sure that your show fits the loudness standard for podcasts. Have you ever listened to your podcast and find your voice lacking clearness? Or don’t you like those rumbling sounds in your voice? What about this nasty fan noise from your computer you hear in your recordings? I will make sure your podcast is sounding as good as it get’s to put a smiles and wows on your listeners faces.

Level 2 - Advanced*

In addition to all the sound optimisation from Starter, I make sure to clean up your recording from filler words and phrases, like “ums”, “uhs”, “you knows” to let your story or interview flow naturally. I you have a pre-recorded intro, I’ll edit it into each episode, too.

Level 3 - Professional*

As the title suggests: This is how your show should be made and it contains everything for producing a professional podcast. Of course, you get all the perks from Starter and Advanced and a lot more! 

  • Custom Teaser for each episode
  • Covers for each episode based on your brand guide
  • Show notes for each episode
  • Episode Publishing
  • Audiogram Creation

Furthermore, you’ll get my tips & feedback on your recorded content and recording quality to continuously evolve your show.

* All tiers contain up to two episodes per month and up to 30 minutes of raw material for each episode. They are billed monthly with recurring payments and you can cancel your membership monthly.

Haven't got your podcast set up but really wanna get started?

Podcast Launch Package

This package relieves you of all the stress and necessary steps for setting up your successful podcast:

  • Choosing and setting up a hosting provider
  • Integrating your podcast into your website
  • Registering your podcast at all major podcast directories
  • Creating your podcast cover art based on your brand guide
  • Choosing music that matches your brand and style
  • Creating an intro for your show

Want to define your concept for your podcast?

Take part in my Momentum Course and create a solid concept that is married to your expertise and business.

Podcasting Studio Package

You want a really neat space at home where you can record your podcast? That doesn’t mean you have to set up a whole studio, but there are things to consider for recording with great audio quality. This package contains me assessing your recording situation and creating a personal hardware and software recommendation. I’ll even fly over to you to set everything up and teach you how to use your new favourite recording place on earth.

Get your voice heard, let’s get started today!