Amplify your voice

Bespoke 1:1 Podcast Coaching

You are the expert in your niche, have an established business and are looking to expand your reach, grow your community and generate high quality leads by growing your audience through podcasting.

It’s time to get your voice heard and your brand noticed like never before!

Amplify YOUR VOICE, build an even stronger audience and generate more leads!

are you ready to level-up like never before?

Are you ready for:

  • Creating your very own on-brand podcast that integrates seamlessly into your existing online presence?

  • Getting noticed by thousands of potentially new clients, globally?

  • Maximizing your collaborations with other industry professionals in an audible way?

  • Having another way to connect with your audience besides social media?

  • Connecting with your soul-aligned audience like never before?

  • Getting your voice to sound like it was produced in a studio from the comfort of your home?

  • Producing professional sounding podcasts without wasting your time being a tech expert?

  • Broadcasting your podcast on a regular basis without it taking exorbitant time away from your business

Create a podcast that combines your expert knowledge and personality

Increase your brand companions by connecting deeply through the power of your voice and get your message to many


a NEW, UNTAPPED way to reach potential clients and create a new highly engaged audience outside of the traditional social platforms.

Podcasting is a powerful tool to market and grow your brand by connecting with your target audience and influencers in your niche.

Forecasts suggest that the number of podcast listeners will surpass 160 Million by 2023.

An incredible 74% of podcast audiences listen to podcasts to learn something new. There is a real opportunity for experts like you to grow your audience by sharing value and knowledge.

67% of podcast audiences are made up of people between the age of 18 and 44.

Take advantage of the remarkable 50/50 split between male and female listeners and tap into a uniquely diverse demographic.

Podcasting offers a unique opportunity to communicate the why and the values of your brand.

Your audience is waiting to hear your voice instead of reading a blog post which was potentially never written by you.
The level of connection between a host and the listeners is much deeper and more authentic than any other medium available today.

Did you know: The average time spent on a YouTube video is 50% of the total length of time of the video itself?
The average time spent on an Instagram post is 10 seconds.

The average time spent on a podcast is an incredible 30 minutes!

Can you imagine, being able to speak uninterrupted for 30 minutes to a potential client? What a huge win, right?

The podcast industry is still authentic.

There are 1.5 million podcasts out there, while that sounds like a lot, it is nothing compared to the number of social media accounts and blogs that exist today. Traditional marketing on social media is very much saturated and you’re competing with thousands for the attention of your ideal clients.

Amplify your voice and stand out from the rest!

It's time to create a podcast to maximize your past experiences, utilize your email lists and repurpose your existing content.

Why not create mesmerizing content through podcast interviews? Talk about your top press features and speaking engagements? Market books you have written or are in the process of writing.

Together we'll approach your podcast from a branding, expert and business perspective. This is more than just a casual recording with your earphone microphone.

A podcast gives you the uncapped opportunity to connect with your clients on a much deeper level, therefore getting your brand noticed by a much wider audience.

Have you always felt like your content was worth getting aired, the necessity to really bring your content across in an audible way?

You need clarity on your podcast concept, understand how to maximize existing content and drive continuous conversion to your online services.

I am your

expert podcast partner.

I will help YOU step by step to get you set up with hardware that suits your budget and needs.

Together we will define the tone of your show to reflect your existing brand look & feel.

I will cheerlead you and support you all the way!

Learn to create long-lasting podcasting habits and produce and broadcast continuously.

Make a name for yourself by connecting with your niche clients and grow your audience on a whole new level.

Be heard and let your uniqueness shine through your voice.

What you get from Amplify Your Voice

  • 1 Gain clarity on the structure and framework of your podcast and how to merge this in with your existing brand and schedule
  • 2 Define your key listeners, choose and set up the right hardware and create your first episode from start to finish!
  • 3 Learn about the power of storytelling and how to connect deeply and authentically with your listeners
  • 4 Find your unique voice and get your content heard by thousands
  • 5 Become an ace in editing and optimizing your podcast swiftly, wasting no time on tech stuff
  • 6 Market your podcast on social media with incredible tools and drive more traffic to your other online channels
  • 7 Take advantage of my membership area and long-term support
  • 8 Create long-lasting podcasting habits

Amplify Your Voice in 90 Days


  • 2 Hour Intensive Strategy Session

  • 3 Coaching Calls per month

  • Voxer Support / Voice Messages between sessions

  • Personal shopping list with links to all the hardware and software tailored to your needs and budget

  • 3 Hour Intensive Video and Audio Live Stream set-up including remote set-up of your software

  • 3 Episode PAX (Podcast Audio Experience) Analysis and extensive feedback to improve your future episodes

  • Up to 5 Hour remote hardware & software support

  • In-House designed Podcast Artwork using your existing logos and branding colors

Ready to create your professional podcast?

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